Time is a friend and foe

Hello readers,

With Christmas, New Years and other holidays approaching, I’ve decided to go for a more philosophic reflection on dealing with life’s unexpected events while still moving forward with our lives.  It is, though, related to wine… gotta read to the end to find out!

Wishing you all peace and joy during this special season!

Ciao for now,


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2 Responses to “Time is a friend and foe”

  1. Karen La Rosa Says:

    Sheila, That was beautiful. So spot on. We all suffer from life’s course – death is never easy, ever. Relationships are hard always. Illness strikes at never a convenient time, and you captured the elusiveness of time perfectly. Whether we are ready or not, listening or not, it carries on. Sometimes we have to let it, knowing that we’ll catch up. Have faith in your own resilience. March to your own beat. Let your spirit soar.

    Wishing you only good things for next year, business and otherwise. Buon Natale, Cara. Karen


  2. Wine Mingle Says:

    Thanks so much, Karen, for your inspirational thoughts!

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